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Daryl   Tate
For the past twenty years, I’ve been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes create beautiful and usable things.  Having started my
career as an ink and pen illustrator, I used pen and ink to draw a piece of at and then quickly transfer it into the digital environment
using software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and others.  Early on through my professional experience and
freelance work I’ve had the opportunity to learn with and collaborate with the best companies in the world like Ford Motor Company,
General Motors and Chrysler, where usability and accessibility are a top priority.
I broadened my experience working as a technical illustrator at O’Neil and Associates and
MCM Learning, both independent contractors for the United States Military.  

In each of these positions, I created technical illustrations for service manuals and interactive
electronic technical manuals (IETM’s) for military vehicles used in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The
IETM’s format allowed me to understand the end user needs for rapid information, such as
soldiers on the battlefield.
In 2015, I decided to dedicate my professional time working with my own clients.  I love having
the opportunity to learn about what my clients are passionate about, and help them visualize
what they’d like to portray to their audiences.  From the military to the automotive industry,
non-profit organizations and small start-ups, diversity is what makes my job amazing.
Not only are my clients diverse, but their projects areas well.  As a freelance designer I can take on projects of all kinds, which allows me
to tap into all of the experiences I’ve accrued throughout the years.  I design brochures, menus, business cards, books, annual reports and
powerpoint presentations.  My professional experience (listed below) helps me take projects on of any size.
Working for myself also allows me the opportunity to dedicate more
of my free time to help my daughter with her book publications and
cartooning, my second passion.

For full details of my professional experience, please visit my profile
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