Created by David T Willis

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Poster Design
Quickly arrest the attention of the viewer,
deliver a swift clear message, effectively
accomplish the goal, convince and persuade
the audience and move them to action: how
does someone design a poster that fosters
all of these functions?

Discover the keys to foster success in
Effective Poster Design.
It is claimed that a poster has about three seconds to catch the attention of a passer-by.  The success of that poster teeters on
those few seconds.  If it fails to attract attention, then it is ineffective.   However, if it catches the attention of it’s viewer, then
half of the battle is done.  Having caught their attention, the poster must next deliver a swift, effective, convincing message,
which then leads the viewer to a desired thought or action.  Quite an ambitious to-do list for one poster right?

I worked with the creative director at Daimler Chrysler North America to design each poster, with each interpretation to arrest
the attention of the viewer and to deliver a swift clear message.  Incorporating both form and function into my work is important
to create something that is beautiful as well as functional.