Created by David T Willis

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Identity, Print and Web Design
WE RULE is a trans-formative development program that will strive to teach young women who have been in experiences
such as rape, sexual abuse and broken relationships, to Respect, Unify, Love and Empower themselves and each other,
while creating a strong, connected community of women.

The WE RULE program is dedicated to teaching young 7th - 12th grade women in the inner city and the Metropolitan Detroit
area how to Respect, Unify, Love and Empower each other through the use of the art's.  This is done through Poetry, Musical
Lyrics, selected reading lists and role playing.

The logo concept derived from the definition of the Hebrew word "Marshal", meaning to"
to rule, have dominion and reign."  
The crown symbolizes the for components of the brand identity Respect, Unity, Love and Empowerment.  The women on top
of the crown symbolize who has the power.